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National Node

EUExcert aims to establish a stable firm fundament and framework for vocational education of people in the European explosives sector. Training and education institutions as well as social partners will have a tool for competence and career planning. New training methods will be developed.

The head office of the independent European association, EUExcert, will initially be placed in Karlsko­ga with c/o address KCEM.

EUExNet (EUExcert III), started in November 2009, - continues the work to establish a transferable certificate of explosive competence recognized inside and outside EU.
Initially, Latvia is represented by the University of Latvia. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, research is focused on the topics related to the ecological and biotechnological issues for explosives-contaminated sites
For further development of education, training and certification procedures in explosives sector in Latvia, the national EUExNet node is established. Representatives of the Latvia State Police, who are responsible for legislation and certification in explosives sector in Latvia, are involved in EUExNet. They participated the 2nd EUExNet meeting held in Lonato, Italy, 30.September-01.October, 2010.

The 3rd EUExNet meeting was held in April, 2011, in Riga, Latvia.The 4th EUExNET meeting will be held in September, 2011, in Lisbon, Portugal.

EUExNet aims are to create a transnational European network and cluster for the explosives sector.


Latvia is a partner of EUExNet through  the University of Latvia.

The national EUExNet node

The State Police of Latvia

Andris Melkers

Jānis Jakušs-Kreituss (Temporary chairman)

Association of Experts and Specialists for Highly Energetic Materials “Faville”
Andrejs Janovs

University of Latvia

Olga Mutere